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Class Make-Up Policy

All make-up classes are optional but must follow the below guidelines.



  • Dancers have 30 days from the absence to make-up the class.



  • All classes must be made up within the specific discipline your dancer is missing.  For example, if you dancer is enrolled in Jr. Tap 1/2 , they must make-up in Jr. Tap 3/4.  If your discipline does not offer a corresponding class, or the class is closed due to enrollment, only then can you go outside of that genre of dance. 


  • Classical dance genres should be made up within other classical dance genres. Any non-technical classes should be made-up within other non-technical classes i.e., Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre


  • If you wish to take an additional class, you need to properly enroll in that class. Make-ups will not be allowed.  We welcome free trials per discipline.


  • Our calendar is based on 32 weeks on dance.  Due to snow days and other possible emergency closures we have extra days in the calendar. If they are not used, it becomes free dance classes.




Raquel Simao

Artistic Director/Studio Owner

Waves of Motion Dance Center

***Revised September 2022***

***Policy Subject to Change***

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