Class Make-Up Policy

All make-up classes are optional but must follow the below guidelines.

  • Make-ups must be completed within one month of the missed class. Each make-up must be pre-approved and scheduled with the front desk.  Due to Covid-19, we are giving families 2 months make-up any classes missed.

  • All classes must be made up within the specific discipline your dancer is missing (e.g., Jr. Tap 1/2 must be made up in Jr. Tap 3/4 and vice versa). If your discipline does not offer a corresponding class, you can go outside of that genre of dance with pre-approval from the front desk.

  • Classical dance genres should be made up within other classical dance genres (ballet, tap, classical jazz, contemporary). Any non-technical classes should be made up within other non-technical classes (acro, hip hop, musical theatre).

  • If you wish to take an additional class, you need to properly enroll in that class. Make-ups will not be allowed. We welcome one free trial class per discipline.

Raquel Simao

Artistic Director/Studio Owner

Waves of Motion Dance Center